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" The husband shouts angrily: "Na miaou kina tim kouji!

To which his wife and co-host corrected: "Whitmore, Eamonn." Realising his mistake, a red-faced Eamonn quickly added: "Whitmore, even, sorry." Fortunately, Shane saw the funny side and joked: "Get her name right!

" However, these weren't the only two things to throw the interview into a chaos and at the end of the chat Shane was abruptly cut off air while discussing his sex life.

Sexy volleyball players I believe this is the third part for these girls.

But as her avatar took her seat, and audience members arrived, the griefers struck.

" The husband says angrily: "Toka a anji rodi roumi yakoo!

But the Kitchen-Chat with my friends Courtney De Feo and Brenda Teele.

It shouldn’t happen to a chat show guest – and you certainly wouldn’t see anything like it on Parkinson.