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In the overwhelming sea of information, access to timely, insightful and independent open-source intelligence (OSINT) analyses is crucial for maintaining the necessary situational awareness to stay on the top of emerging security threats.

This blog covers trends and fads, tactics and strategies, intersecting with third-party research, speculations and real-time CYBERINT assessments, all packed with sarcastic attitude On January 09, 2012 I exposed Koobface botnet master Krot Real. With the botnet masters still at large, and the Koobface botnet currently offline, a logical question emerges - what are these cybercriminals up to now that they're no longer involved in managing Koobface? Continuing to squeeze the cybercrime ecosystem, and keep known bad actors on a short leash, in this intelligence brief I'll expose Anton Nikolaevich Korotchenko a.k.a Krot Real's s latest activities, indicating that he's currently busy experimenting with two projects: Just like the case when Krot Real's real life identity was revealed due to a single mistake he made over a period of several years, namely to register a Koobface command and control server using his personal GMail account, in this intelligence brief I'll once again expose his malicious and fraudulent activities by profiling two of the most recently domains he once again registered with his personal GMail account.

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On January 16, 2012, The New York Times went public with data from Facebook Inc. Let's start by profiling his Black Hat SEO service/product, currently hosted on one of the domains he registered in 2011.

- - Email: [email protected] On:28-Jul-2011 UTC Last Updated On:28-Jun-2012 UTC Expiration Date:28-Jul-2013 UTC The service/produce apparently allows the systematic abuse of legitimate blogging platforms such as Google's Blogger and Wordpress, next to Yoom CMS.

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