Start Sirius radio not updating channels

Sirius radio not updating channels

Rock every channel available in your car, including all of the premium programming. Three glorious months of commercial-free music, plus sports, news, talk and comedy – and the occasional air drum solo.

Have you already activated your radio, but now you only see the "Preview" channel? Make sure the Sirius XM antenna is in a southern-facing window.

Move the antenna around to see if the signal strength improves.

Having both radios made it easy to compare the offerings of each company.

Both services now offer most of the same types of programming and the same types of sports.

At the programming level, both services now carry essentially the same channels.

Since the merger, the programming on both XM and Sirius has vastly degraded.

This means that the Sirius XM unit cannot detect the antenna.

Make sure the Sirius XM antenna cable is firmly and securely plugged into the cradle.

Rather then attempt to keep up to date with the programming on each, I have chosen to point out the key areas where they differ, and let you (the reader) do the research on specific items that are most important to you.

A particular sport or sports team may be carried by one service and not the other, but that could also change each year. Each system uses vastly different hardware, so a technical merger will not happen.

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