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Skate music online dating

Although lyrical music is already commonplace in the ice dancing discipline, which requires couples to skate to a backing track with a beat, most singles and pairs contestants opt for classical accompaniment.

One night he performs a routine originally skated by his idol and competitor, Victor Nikiforov, which a few local kids capture on video and post online. Victor himself sees the clip and flies to Japan to offer Yuri his help: he’ll be his coach and train him to win what is very likely to be Yuri’s last season.

So I briefly mentioned Victor Nikiforov already, but let’s talk about him a little more.

The ongoing Winter Olympics in Sochi may be the last time you see figure skating in its traditional form.

Although Yuri has fallen out of shape since the competition, he still loves the sport.

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He will be posting video blogs about the season, behind the scenes stuff, dance and music videos, and just an inside look at the fun experiences, challenges and ups and downs as he tries to make his second Olympic team.