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Socialengine4 dating

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Youll have the freedom to maintain fine-grained control over all aspects of your site and content. Pros: Some plugins are quite complex to figuur out how everything works but by the good support you have always the feeling that you get there. There is a top team behind SEAO Overall: This software has to make sure that my customer base is prepared and that my community Nr1. Cons: That it's not yet compatible with PHP7, but they are working on it.

Overall: SE deserves 5-stars for everything, but it's the 3rd-Party Plugins that give it the 5-star for Features & Functionality.

It can be the user’s email id, a phone number or any other identifier that you are using to tag your users.

This is the key that will be looked up to find the user whose profile needs to be updated.

Social Engine PHP is a social network platform that lets you create a custom branded social network right out of the box.

Social Engine PHP gives you a simple, unbranded network that you can customize in any way. I guess I'll just keep it simple - SE is a great CMS to start with, and if/when you need to build something there's a wealth of features/functionality in the Plugins that are offered by 3rd-Party devs.

identity=Your identity value (device model) if available.

Clever Tap enables developers to upload User profiles using the below documented API request A request to upload User Profile information is an HTTP URL of the following form: – identity to recognize a user uniquely.

Your site members will be capable of creating campaigns matched with each trophy and idea to appeal other people’s assistance in bringing them to life by donating money.

Campaigns for trophies or ideas can be created by any members as long as their owners permit them to be.

The response to this initial query request will return a GET