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Many Millennials, knowing their careers will not provide for this lifestyle, may continually delay marriage. By the time Millennials earn enough to get the house and kids, they may feel too old to bother tying the knot.

White-collar Dad no longer brings home all the bacon while stay-at-home Mom does the chores in her high heels and pearls.

Findings revealed that dating violence was a fairly common occurrence among the participants, and with perpetration having occurred in the preceding year.

Women and men were almost similar in the proportion who had physically assaulted a dating partner.

But, according to TIME, Pew Research has discovered that the evolution of the American marriage may undergo even more drastic changes: Up to 1/4 of Millennials may Not surprisingly, the big driver of this change is economics.

The Millennial generation, saddled with declining real wages, tremendous student debt, and an increasingly unstable job market, lacks the financial resources to guarantee stable marriage.

Marriage, intended to lead to a house and children, leads to tremendous expenses.

As a Millennial who is two and a half years into marriage, I can personally attest to the expense of raising a young family.

The ease at which I get what I want can actually be frustrating.