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A genotype survey of 4,166 individuals revealed a cline of allele frequencies of 0%–14% across Eurasia, whereas the variant is absent among native African, American Indian, and East Asian ethnic groups.

Our first speaker Arthur Neeteson will take us back to the ancient days when Indo-European still hadn’t evolved into half of humanity’s languages and he will explain how seemingly completely different words are actually related. Then keep on travelling to the future of encryption with our second speaker Jaya Baloo, Chief Information Security Officer at KPN. Indo-European – the evolution of half of humanity‘s native tongues By Arthur Neeteson How many languages do you speak?

Jaya will discuss current developments of cryptography in the light of new quantum computing systems and persistent government surveillance. Did you know that it is highly likely that those languages once came from the same origin?

The participants often dress in costume for the character they are portraying as well.

Return to top A miniatures game uses small to large figures on a large terrain board.

Scientists have long argued that billions of years ago, life emerged on its own—but no one knows exactly how. We know that stars and planets, once upon a time, all started out like this, with enormous clouds of gas and dust. Some leave deep impacts in Earth, like one that blasted Arizona's Barringer Crater, 50,000 years ago. They can be as small as dice, reduced to a rocky cinder.

Now, in a landmark discovery, chemist John Sutherland has created the conditions in which the building blocks of RNA, one of the key molecules of life and the probable precursor to DNA, assemble themselves naturally. How we got from here to here, we haven't exactly figured out yet. Then they have to be distinguished from Earth's rocks.

And this is very important: Make sure you have plenty of situation-dependent one-liners queued up to crack immediately afterward. Your homework is to learn how to speak with a bunch of marbles in your mouth.")A lot of the credit for the episode's success belongs to Arjona, who was fantastic as the mysterious Silva.