Start Stephen of the dating game rea

Stephen of the dating game rea

Rea will play Alexander Pope, an old-world Englishman.

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This New Yorker believes people will be inclined to trust him but claims "that would be their mistake, because then I strike!

" Described by his friends as wild, smart and ambitious, Stephen's biggest pet peeve is when somebody is "overconfident or cocky." He plans to use that type of person to his advantage by forming a bond and then subtly prompting them to carry out his decisions.

Aided by his quick wit and prankster personality, this Internet marketing director could very well be a major player behind the scenes.

A Yale graduate, Stephen certainly has the right mix of brains and charisma to disarm his fellow castaways.

Stephen Fishbach is a contestant from Survivor: Tocantins and Survivor: Cambodia.

In Tocantins, he is known for his strong strategic play in the game, described by Coach Wade as "The Wizard," and earning him a spot in the final two. After being chosen by public vote to compete in Cambodia, Stephen became more aggressive with his gameplay in order to avoid having history repeating.

Whether he simply doesn't want to have his privacy invaded by cameras or he's got an identity to protect, the mystery lover haunts their significant other's show, referenced frequently in conversation, but never once appearing to put a face to the name.