Start Talk a bitch in the cam shqip

Talk a bitch in the cam shqip

TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 110 languages.

So IHC called their Resident Arbiter of Film and Televisual Good Taste (me) and were like “Scott, get on this one and set ’em straight fam.” I was up in the crib chopping up beats for my upcoming mixtape , but I figured I’d break out and be a street prophet for a hot second and drop some dimes on yall: This is a bad music video, but not for the reasons that everyone is talking about. To quote this video, which is apparently narrated by Siri, “one particularly racy scene…

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It’s inevitable that you will come across a bitchy woman at some point.

She’ll be happy to tell you exactly what she thinks about you, without a second thought as to how you might be feeling afterwards.

So for now I’ll retreat back into my highly-opinionated artist’s commune where we ponder these and other high-concept arts (just kidding, I’m actually running late to my shift at Subway), so until the next time I descend from the Heavenly Clouds of Good Taste to bestow my knowledge on you lames, I bid you a fond farewell and a good night.

By the time I see y'all I say fuck you from the very start of this shit Fuck what you into Fuck what you been through Fuck where you going Fuck who scared of you Fuck you if you did Fed time Fuck your clique, fuck your Glock Matter fact fuck your block, fuck who you pulled out on Fuck you, fuck your bitch, fuck you if you been outta town Fuck your fake ass ice grill Fuck your life, fuck your motherfuckin 9 to 5 Man, I don't give a fuck about you I don't give a fuck about your hood I don't give a fuck who you know I don't give a fuck if you getting money I don't give a fuck whose watching Fuck if you bullshitting Fuck your shout outs Fuck where you came up Fuck how you got it Fuck your whole situation Fuck your album, fuck your plan Fuck your niggas, fuck your role man I don't give a fuck Fuck your plea, fuck your rules Fuck you, you fake punk ass nigga And and fuck how you ran shit I don't give a fuck if you diesel I don't give a fuck who you be Fuck if you want it Fuck if you grimey, fuck if you floss And And fuck these bitches right here if they not fucking Girl 1: Wait who the fuck you think you talking to?

Close-up footage is common so the intricacies of the act can be witnessed by the camera.