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The dating society com

Want to know more about Society W and our Founder, Wendy Tse, before registering?

Its hard to find love when you’re too busy searching for signs of life from beyond the grave.

Well, that, and not everybody is into making out in cemeteries or getting busy in abandoned hospitals. Because “The Supernatural Dating Society” is about to put an end to your lonely night, and set you up with the weirdo of your dreams.

They want to go with someone they know feels the same way. We don't know how many thousands because this only started literally two or three days ago. What I'm going to do also, is I'm going to make some commentary every week or two on what seems to be the dominant thing people are wanting to read about, whether it's a UFO thing or something else, and then I can give my own experiences and so forth. Yeah, and you fill out your form and your area of interest.

Or was it just kind of anything paranormal, supernatural? Most people I talked to would like to meet people that they could join and visit places that seem like they're haunted. The other area, which is gigantic, is the UFO area.

When she’s not telling ghost stories or penning articles about real haunted places, she's chasing mysteries with Planet Weird.

At Society W, we know how time-consuming and exhausting the dating game can be. You know that it would be great to have a trained professional manage your dating life for you, but yet deep down inside, you feel a Join our database today, and let us introduce you to someone from our list of exceptional members. We've now opened our doors in beautiful Switzerland!

I definitely would not have had the opportunity to meet her without Society W’s introduction.