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A picture says a thousand words, especially when it comes to Tinder.

I am no longer the most-important person in my life. From that moment on, my decision making revolved entirely around the fact that I was his father. It means, for the first time in my life, I do most things alone. I understand not wanting to get involved with someone not geographically close, however, asking for her number is not a marriage proposal! “Maybe your inability to connect has more to do with your idea that you don’t measure up vs others thinking that you don’t! So, let me just come out and say it: I was pretty annoyed with everyone who suggested they knew better than I did what the best play was while meeting a strange girl at a bar. It was suggested I made a mistake not trying to “romance” her. When it’s not 10 degrees outside with a shit-ton of ice and snow everywhere.

It means I spend a great deal of time sleeping alone, dining alone, watching television alone. When my wife left, it was as if someone hit the reset button in the middle of my game. One lady wrote: “I just happened upon your blog and I sorta agree with elbrookman (who was very disappointed with my choices). I was minutes away from picking up my five-year-old son to take him home and get him in pajamas and tuck him into bed. When I don’t have a sleeping five-year-old at home. Why didn’t I try harder with the pretty stranger at the bar?

Familiar as that might sound, it was good to hear what Whitney was explaining—so good that I decided to find out if there was some Buddhism guru out there who might have some tips about how to "stay Zen" while dating. And I can't get anyone to write me back on the stupid dating sites. Any thoughts on how I can deal with something like that if it happens again? It was a typical Hollywood gathering—meaning most of the people there were looking to meet someone who would further their careers!

A friend said I should check out Brad Warner, author of HARDCORE ZEN. And after I contacted him to ask if he had any insight into how to apply Buddhist ideas to dating, he wrote back to say: I'm dating myself right now—and, oh, it's miserable! Or how to brush it off if I'm at a party and some dude clearly isn't interested in me, despite the fact I think he's cute? I was introduced to one woman who clearly lost interest in me as soon as she heard I'd written some books about Zen.

She goes beyond the bounds of what is considered "nice" in her attention to the boys.

By her seductiveness she encourages boys to be too fresh, too loud, and too boisterous." (page 12) ...

There are probably several more who agree with them but didn’t bother to tell me about it. I’m not going to suddenly change all my criteria, just to increase my odds of finding someone who meets my dating criteria. You know, so we can have dinner and drinks and go to concerts and the movies and make out on the couch.