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Tokai guitar dating

, often referred to as Tokai Guitars, is a Japanese guitar manufacturer situated in Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka prefecture.

Tokai began making banjos and harpsichords in 1973 and the electric piano in 1975. It made its first electric guitar in 1968 with the Humming Bird, a guitar loosely based on the Mosrite Mark I and II.

This was followed in 1970 with the Humming Bird Custom acoustic guitar (not to be confused with the Hummingbird guitar model produced by Gibson).

I was told its over 30 years old.I can't find any info on it anywhere..... Peter I wonder if anyone here knows anything about the Tokai Acoustic Western guitar, Model Number 32 ?? It features a truss rod which many people say were invented in the 1920's(which do not tell us anything about the age or anything else of the guitar). : How can I determine my model, and the spec's for sure? I haven't removed the front pick-up since I changed 'em to Gibson Classic 57's, and never thought to look, or didn't notice at the time. The guitar shows little sign of use and is pretty and plays well at least as well as my 1958 Les Paul which I recently sold. Please tell me if you can give me some more info on my guitar eg: value and where it came from and how old it is.

These were very similar to the Ibanez Gibson-like models available at that time and most of these models had a Greco logo that looked more like "Gneco".

I was told that the anomaly in the print is indicative of Canadian built Tokais that were intended for Korea to build (or something along those lines) Incredible guitar..I have many to choose from, but instead of saying "Made in Korea", it says "Make in Korea" of all things..source for the info I was given is reputable, but I would like to know conclusively.

it is an 04 NALS-45 Love Rock Tuxedo LP copy, Serial is as follows 04XXXXX.

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