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Town and country dating nz

Even Torontonians didn't go very far, at first, maybe only 30 or 40 miles, but it was a new excursion to visit Cousin Emma they hadn't seen since Christmas the year before.

Send your answer, name and address by June 21 to: [email protected], or Wilderness Word,... Nick Allen mastered his diet to help combat multiple sclerosis, so who better to review the best gluten and dairy-free dehy meals for trampers? Two new Great Walks, new day walks and short walks, and an upgraded online booking system that could facilitate differential pricing for Great Walks are all on the conservation shopping... Short walks on Otago’s Peninsula promise unique wildlife encounters and scenery, writes David Barnes Otago Peninsula has had high praise from some eco-knights. But the Teeth are a dangerous place and no one can become complacent. The first time Beth Eastell and Joel Hedges saw a... Paul Rush meets up with end-to-enders on Western Australia’s Bibbulmun Track The narrow sandy track twists and turns abruptly through tightly-packed coastal heath and offers a new surprise around every... The Tararua Mountain Race is considered by mountain runners as one of New Zealand’s hardest trail runs. That magazine was only published for part of the year, so... Get your photo displayed on our last weekend page and you’ll receive an Opinel No.5 folding knife worth $20. Tramping can bring people together in the most unexpected ways.

For those with dietary requirements, foods for tramping... 12 trips in Kahurangi National Park’s fabled Tablelands Straddling a large undulating upland between the Takaka and Leslie rivers, the fabled Tablelands of this region have been a magnet for... Water purification just got simpler and quicker with Steripen’s latest offering. There are some things every wilderness survivor has in common, discovers Carrie Miller Jamie Hareb planned his nine-day solo hike meticulously. The event goes from Kaitoke to Otaki Forks across the inhospitable tops of... Headlamps allow hands-free lighting so you can concentrate on the trail, cooking dinner or setting up camp.

The Master Index will lead you to the resource in which the information can be found.

Our branch also holds considerable research resources relating to New Zealand and overseas including Births, Deaths and Marriages Index for New Zealand to 1990 on microfiche.

We are currently computer indexing our resources of local content, along with collections which are unique to the branch. We are presently fully indexing our local history books, and these, along with other records indexed to date are being placed on the Master Index.

A simplified version of this index can be view on this site.

Letter of the month E-bikes no conundrum Anti-rationalists always seek to establish the idea that there are valid counter-arguments for every plain fact, and that to ignore such arguments is... The increased number of Te Araroa Trail thru-hikers has boosted local economy in trailside communities. Food seems to be one of the trickiest elements when planning a tramping trip. In the whole gambit of tramping experiences, one of the most exhilarating is standing on a rock outcrop, surveying the surrounding country. When it comes to discussing pressures on the conservation estate,... From abseiling down waterfalls to cliff jumping into deep blue pools, canyoning offers an experience few have tried PERCHED ON MASSIVE boulders amongst pools of sparkling waters at the top of Sleeping God... As Arthur’s Pass prepares to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its discovery, John Wilson recalls the history of the area and his own walking experiences there Every day hundreds of... If you like living on the edge, you must try New Zealand’s scariest tramps Words and images by Shaun Barnett, Geoff Spearpoint, Richard Davies and Mark Watson Waterfall Face, Mt... Everything was ‘just perfect’ for Christian Prehn as he hiked through Nelson Lakes National Park. Once again, with hundreds of entries, choosing our finalists and winners in our annual photo competition was incredibly difficult. Will DOC allow business growth to erode wilderness values?

Its president Peter Wilson offers a tramper’s perspective on tourism growth Throughout New... Complete the crossword and rearrange the letters in the shaded squares to spell out the hidden solution. Further your photography with these top tips from outdoor photographer Mark Watson Wilderness magazine readers visit some beautiful and remote places and have a chance to capture unique landscapes and... Warwick Briggs has tramped the Dragons Teeth more times than anyone. Two Wellington artists have brought the backcountry to the city, writes Shaun Barnett Over the last year, Wellington hut-baggers have had a choice of an extra seven huts to visit,... A new track network minutes from the CBD is helping Dunedin stake a claim as New Zealand’s most mountain biking friendly city, writes Sarah Bond Queenstown and Central Otago tend... From blister protection to rooftop camping and social networking for outdoor enthusiasts, these young entrepreneurs are making their marks in the outdoors industry. Rathkeale College Tramping Club isn’t averse to risk-taking in the outdoors There’s a crucial ingredient in every tramping trip that goes beyond gear, food, and navigation devices. Profile Makes 16 truffles Cook time 30min Prep time 10min Cost $10-$15 Ingredients ¼... Turangi offers a unique walking weekend experience that combines solitude and exploration of the town’s unique thermal attractions Discovering hidden gems in New Zealand’s diverse landscape is one of the... In 1991, Andrew Mitchell was working for what was then David Hall Publishing as the editor of New Zealand Windsurfing. Josh Gale discovers the mental powers required to be an... Finding that special someone to share your tramping adventures with is super easy with the Firelighters dating app. Description: Small thorny shrubs growing between 1-3m tall, flowers are white to pink about 5cm in diameter with yellow centres and multiple stamen.

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The Quantum RPS ($189.95) is capable of treating one litre of water in 90 seconds, or it can be... Jollie Brook Circuit, Lake Sumner Forest Park After seeing The Hobbit, my Dad and I were aching to get back into Middle Earth’s majestic backcountry.