Start Updating kitchen cabinets with moulding

Updating kitchen cabinets with moulding

Updating your kitchen can bring a high return on your decorating investment.

Who loves the look of the classic shaker style cabinet doors? But I could not bring myself to rip out these solid wood cabinets, plus I did not want to spend the money on new ones.

A year ago we were talking about what to do with our kitchen cabinets because they were dated.

This may just be a personal thing, but I love to install molding!

I just LOVE the look of moldings- shout it from the highest mountain! When it comes to giving your home architectural interest, the easiest way to do it is add moldings For those of us that live in a cookie cutter home, they often lack the character of trim and custom millwork.

This gives it a 3-5 inch base with the detail at the top that mimics the large versions you can buy at the store: Here is our version (obviously before paint! )Crown is one of those things that can be used on furniture and cabinetry as well.

)We did this is the stairwell of our first house by adding a new molding over the stair skirt. You can also add a small molding a few inches above your molding (the backward version of the crown update, so see below! Adding crown to your kitchen will make a boring kitchen feel glamorous!

In the end, we decided to update the cabinet doors with a trim piece and new paint. What to update your cabinets here are the supplies you will need, s You have probably seen tutorials on how to DIY a shaker style cabinet door because I have and I used their tutorial to start my updates, like this one or this one.

But something that worried me about their tutorials was using 1/4″ plywood.

I can remember second guessing myself after we put in our offer for the house knowing that the ugly cabinets were apart of the deal! I really hoped to add some type of open shelving to this empty wall.

The previous curtains were my first attempt at sewing and it showed.

If you have ever used cheap plywood before you would know that it splinters easy and there can be gaps in the sides of the wood ().