Start Updating my video card driver

Updating my video card driver

If you know the maker of your graphics card, you can skip this step.

Hi just go to 'System Settings' and under 'Hardware' section click on 'Additional Drivers'.

It will automatically search for drivers and it will ask if you want to install the graphics drivers.

before installing updated drivers to avoid driver conflicts.

Steam Support assumes no responsibility for the effects that changing the driver for your video or sound card may have on your system - it is your responsibility to follow the instructions provided by the video card manufacturer to ensure the proper removal of old drivers and installation of updated drivers.

If a driver is not available or is not compatible with your system (as with some Sony notebooks), you may be able to install a modified third party driver using

Some technical experience is necessary for installing the drivers found on this site.

Hello, yesterday there was a popup on my laptop for a video card driver update and my daughter agreed to update.

Now today my laptop has random black screen issues.

This means that my laptop switches between these two hardware depending on the need.

So I need to update Inter(R) HD Graphics family as well as NVIDIA Ge Force card drivers.

Video Card and Chipset Manufacturers When updating your video card drivers, the reference drivers (or drivers available from the manufacturer of the chipset on your video card) often provide the most stable performance.