Start Updating the qr factorization and the least squares problem

Updating the qr factorization and the least squares problem

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The modern approach is to factor the rectangular m × n coefficient matrix A into a product of diagonal, triangular, and orthogonal matrices.

I posted one essay about the puzzle and another one describing its solution.

The second puzzle, 50/50, is considered one of the most difficult hunt puzzles ever.

We find that not only can this save a considerable amount of time when solving least squares problems but the algorithm is also very easy to implement.

A homestudy, or home study, is basically an interview with a social worker.

One tweak is the equivalent of pivoting in LU factorization, where during the factorization columns are swapped (swapping rows turns out to change the least squares problem to have a different solution, so column pivoting is used instead).

In this paper we study how to update the solution of the linear system Ax = b after the matrix A is changed by addition or deletion of rows or columns.

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