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Updating to 1 1 2

It’s still a work in progress (at time of writing) but it has some of the critical information about the API changes that I could not find elsewhere.

While there is no automatic way to convert a Topbeat configuration file to the equivalent of a Metricbeat configuration file, both configurations are simple enough that migrating shouldn’t take long.

I’m contributing to a Yeoman generator called Confit. ), we get the opportunity to help our clients create new web applications from scratch.

If you're not a PMP customer, you can purchase a Storyline upgrade here.

IMPORTANT: This update is not intended for use on the Classic Focus 40 Blue braille display (the unit that has WHIZWHEELS®).

For more information on using the Focus Blue, visit the Braille Displays Documentation page. Freedom Scientific Focus 14, 40, and 80 Blue braille displays will now have the ability to switch between an active USB connection and a Bluetooth connection with any paired Bluetooth device.

If your Focus Blue braille display is connected to your computer using the USB port, you simply press the power button to display the status information, and then press DOTS 1-2-3 from the Perkins-style keyboard on the Focus display.

The serial number can be found in print and braille on the bottom of the braille display.

Use this page to download the latest firmware for your Focus 14 Blue, Focus 40 Blue, or Focus 80 Blue refreshable braille display.

And having just upgraded Confit (v8.0)to use Webpack 2 (2.1.0-beta.25), there were a few things that you may find noteworthy (as of ).

The new documentation site is so much better than the old one!

When initially pairing the Focus Blue with another Bluetooth device, ensure the display is powered on and not connected to USB.