Start Updating took over 30 minutes

Updating took over 30 minutes

My Share Point 2013 farm is hosted by a Windows 8 Hyper V environment where my VM’s meet the minimum hardware requirements for memory etc.

To my surprise, I found the total time to apply the patch (install the bits) took over 5 hours per Share Point Server.

This time doesn’t include running PSConfig which is considered phase 2.

Note: Threads are treated the same as everyone else in terms of thread priority.

Another way of saying this: By having x # of additional processes running, you increase the # of threads vying for CPU time by x much.

I thought the download was taking extremely long considering how large it was supposed to be.

I checked the download management tab in steam, and it's showing me as having 3.4 gigabytes of patching left to download.

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