Start Updating xml with php

Updating xml with php

Your program shows the form firstly, then saves data secondly.

Compared to DOM or the Expat parser, Simple XML takes a fewer lines of code to read text data from an element.

Ive seen other posts about the same topic, but they didnt help me resolve my issue. The files above, once authorized to write to the server, only update the XML file with the first line and nothing else.

Solution: Turns out the reason it didn't save was because node of the adding.

i had to either directly update it or assign an updated value to it.

this may sound pretty straight forward, but still I want to post this question in the forum.

I have a xml file, which needs to be appended with data after the main element and save the xml file without overwriting the existing xml file but to append the data to already existing data and update the xml file.

I'm trying to update 1 particular node in an pre-existing xml file from php.