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After 1882 she carried Italian immigrants to the United States.

was published exactly five hundred years ago, in 1516, in Leuven.

More had many epigones throughout Europe, particularly in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

In this utopian fictional genre, the pattern of the story is always the same: a ship sailing from Europe is shipwrecked in the Pacific and the castaways discover a totally new society on a hitherto unknown island.

As these utopian writers were inveterate plagiarists, the basic characteristics of these island societies tended to be the same: But the utopianists wrote on other subjects, too, and some of these are highly relevant to the present.

SS Utopia was a transatlantic passenger steamship built in 1874 by Robert Duncan & Co of Glasgow.

From 1874 to 1882 she operated on Anchor Line routes from Glasgow to New York City, from Glasgow to Bombay and from London to New York City.

— Structured in the form of an artists’ book club, ART 411 Seminar in Contemporary Art, a class at Penn State co-taught by Simone Osthoff, professor of art, and Henry Pisciotta, arts and architecture librarian, explores the book form as a medium, a metaphor, and also conceptually — as a site which simultaneously holds and produces content through original visual and verbal narrative structures and materials — and thus forges alternative forms of writing, of seeing, and of thinking.