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Validating sap

Using the SAP S/4 HANA Enterprise Management ERP system can optimize the benefits that result from using the new database technology.

This results in various change scenarios: All scenarios are complex projects for the aspects of IT, business processes and company organization. If you want to prepare to use S/4HANA Enterprise Management, the steps you need to consider when migrating to SAP S/4HANA can be found here in SAP News. In all cases, it is necessary to validate any changes to the existing system.

The most efficient approach is a process-oriented risk-based validation strategy like the one offered by DHC.

As regards field status groups of related accounts, the status of profit center field should be left as optional and you say that you have already done so.

Is there a difference in the number of line items of the posted document when you switch between the entry view and the GL view ?

For balance sheet items and revenue items , system post transaton without Profit Center.

in My case, I am able to do transactions with Profit center. For GL FSG , Profit center s optional, i hope this is not the issue....

You may consider requesting support during connection setup from your SAP administrators.

Validating a shared folder setup applies only if you plan to transfer data using a Shared Directory.

My problem is whenever a wrong entry is entered for that field, the whole screen in the 'Additional Data A' tab turned grey and disabled for user entry.

Re-entry for the correct Material Group 3 is not allowed. I made a core change to screen 4459 by adding a statement like below in the PAI section :- FIELD vbap-mvgr3 MODULE zsd_check_mvgr3 ON REQUEST. User was prompted for an error message and then was allowed to re-enter a correct entry for that field if a wrong entry was entered initially.

It is possible that the document type is not configured with a business transaction and a business transaction variant which facilitates document splitting.