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The Captain (John Rico), Le Bosco (Willy Braque), Paul (Paul Bisciglia), and Tina (Joëlle Coeur) all get their turn at doing whatever pleases them to the poor girls and then they head on over to the local brothel, run by Louise (Louise Dhour), for further debauchery.

That’s not to imply such public debate is mere performance.

Sexism in science seems to have genuinely touched a nerve, and not just from people directly affected by it.

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Le Guin says she went out of her way to avoid polemicism. Davidson is an exaggeration, but we’ve all met types like him not only in the 1970s.

Wikipedia says that the novel has received positive reviews from later critics and scholars but notes that some have called it because of its polemical style. The novel settled down after Chapter 1 and one forgives the strong negative depiction of Davidson as a necessary starting point to portray the events that follow. I tried but I could never get into the We begin with the point of view of Captain Davidson who is the commander of a logging camp named Smith Camp; and, we view the world of New Tahiti through his eyes.

Louise, it turns out, has the gift of second sight and knows something foul has happened on the beach.

As her knowledge of the events becomes more acute, so does the tension between the wreckers and her.

I remember one story in particular where a person masturbating with a crucifix achieves time travel. is not the first protest novel in Science Fiction, a genre whose attraction is partially the highlighting of human stupidity. by Avram Davidson 1965 highlighted in Classic Sci Fi 3 is a good example.

Le Guin began as a protest novel and it would be interesting (if impossible) to know how it facilitated the nascent but growing green movement of the 1960s and 1970s. However, I was initially worried when I began the novel this time, because of the first chapter where Captain Davidson is introduced as a truly awful (but credible) personality.

The no-good-doers decide the girls must be running around and head out to re-destroy them.