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Who is claudia jordan dating

In addition, you need to comprise good friend and regularly be ready in order to assist her for everything, just like problems between her and her new boyfriend also.

As soon as Ne Ne lands, she jumps into the waiting arms of husband Greg Leakes and tells him all about the trip — and about how she basically bullied new Housewife Claudia. Malorie asks about Cynthia’s season 3 Friendship Contract and jokes that Cynthia should be able to sue for dinner or drinks, since it’s clearly null and void. Riley wasn’t too receptive towards Kaela when she first moved in, and she’s not too crazy about the prospect of a baby brother or sister, either.

The girls are back in Atlanta following their tumultuous trip to Puerto Rico, but they still can’t get over the drama that unfolded in paradise. It’s rare that the Queen Bee is rendered speechless! I like anybody that stands up to bullies,” Peter says with approval. Riley’s still adjusting to life as a blended family.

“Then you’re gonna start talking to her when you ready for her to drive you around,” Kandi agrees. Apollo Tells the Truth Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida are still on the outs, even though the day to turn himself in to start his eight-year prison sentence draws nearer and nearer. Ayden tells Apollo that he feels “bad” when Apollo isn’t at home. In his confessional, Apollo admits that he’s had a hard time adjusting to the reality that he’ll be gone for a long time. “It’s almost like I’m in prison, but I’m not in prison.” Another Road Trip! The girls are on the road again — this time, it’s for the opening of Sports One, Cynthia and Peter’s new bar in Charlotte, NC.

“Tonight in Atlanta the screening for #We Tv’s new dating show #Match Made In Heaven premiering February 4th. I’ll be moderating the Q&A tonight after the screening in Atlantic Station.” As for Bullard, he’s shared photos of Jordan on Instagram, as well.

She represented Rhode Island as Miss Teen USA in 1991 and Miss USA in 1997.

In addition, she has done many commercials for such companies as Coor's Light, Sears, Denny's and Pepsi.

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