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Leading extramarital dating website, Illicit, has released its largest ever study into what regional women find attractive in men.

I want to watch whatever movie that was and throw popcorn at the screen. If someone did this to me, I’d be like “No, we are definitely not going on a date in England.” A dashing Jude Law shows up in the middle of the night, banging on the door, demanding to be let in, and Cameron Diaz is just like “Oh sure, and also can I get you a drink?

I’m just saying, it’s a bold move to have a driver who says “Sorry, I’m done driving.” I mean, I get it: it’s funny to watch Cameron Diaz attempt to traverse snow in stilettos. ” Like, I’m glad everything worked out, safety-wise, but this is legitimately how people get , Cameron.

During our interview in New York, he talks seriously about his rock band Tenacious D, veers into a gross description of a stomach bug he recently suffered in London, and describes losing a python he was looking after for a friend.

It is the movie equivalent of a cashmere sweater that isn’t really in style anymore, but feels too damn cozy to resist.

“I’m not totally comfortable with my body but my acting is good,” he says.

“I’m willing to go places to get a laugh and if it means being embarrassed, that’s OK. I strive to achieve it because I think laughter comes from being surprised and the best comedy is when a comedian surprises himself, and it’s not easy to surprise yourself.

Think: Colin Farrell The Midlands: These ladies like a man to be man.