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Who is serena williams dating today

Based on her performance in 2014, she was named 'World Champion' for the fifth time and the third time in a row. She played her first match of the 2014 season against German Andrea Petkovic.

When Romanian tennis captain Ilie Nastase imagined Serena Willams’s baby with her white fiancé Alexis Ohanian would look like “chocolate with milk” last week, his offensive comments were immediately criticized in the media.

Williams herself called out his comments as racist on Instagram.

Just sayin.’ For some of you, love will never be colorblind.

“Let’s just put an end to this myth that women players cannot be friends,” Williams says. Roger Federer might have dinner with Stan Wawrinka after a match, but among the women, it’s mostly cold shoulders.

In the Open, I was below 5'9", although on Twitter she has subsequently said "[I'm] 5 9", when asked exactly how tall she really was.

said on 16/Mar/17 I am watching Serena on an Ellen show repeat from last November - complete with Christmas decorations! I'd say 5ft9 and a half, comparing her to one of my favourite measuring sticks, and that is Ellen de Generes herself!

Williams broke in the fifth game of the second set and held the break to served it out in the tenth game.